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U.S. Troops! Here Is A Life-Changing Gift for You & Your Families!

May 25, 2015





Dads SeagullYou can soar with Troops in Transition! 

Troops and your families, my husband Brian and I thank you for your service and sacrifice.

If you are experiencing PTSD, we urge you to contact  WarriorHealthFoundation.Org right now.  Help is available in ways not previously addressed.  Very important new information about why you feel the way you do and what can be done to bring you back to a happy state of wellness.


In appreciation of your service and sacrifice, we extend to you and your families  a very valuable gift:  The Troops-In-Transition Program..

Troops In Transition is a turnkey, independent-study, life-and-career skills program designed to lead you to your best career and happiest lifestyle.  It is yours for the asking by calling 612-866-1269, CST.  It was created by Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, a dedicated coach/trainer/business owner since 1979.

This program has been in use with civilians for over three decades.  It has helped thousands find their way in a complex, confusing world.  It has always delivered a proven result of 95%.  There is no way to lose unless you quit before you achieve your goals!  Our focus groups with the troops have demonstrated the same results consistently since 2012, when Troops In Transition was started.

Now, it is your turn to benefit.  You will achieve over 50 life-and-career skills you don’t have right now, and those skills will open doors for you for the rest of your life. 

The program is arranged in short segments and seems really simple, yet the segments build upon each other, and suddenly you realize you have accomplished a huge amount in a very short time. You work at your own pace, and you don’t need to travel to some crowded room for six hours at a time to participate.  You do it right from wherever you live.

What is required of YOU is about 40 hours of your motivated time, and access to a computer. 

Every member of your family can benefit from Troops In Transition, too, and because of your service and sacrifice, they can.  Even the family pet(s) have their own special attention in the Troops In Transition program!

We make it easy (and free) for you to succeed!   All Sheila to get started!  612-866-1269 central time.

The best of the best to you!  Brian and Sheila Van Houten

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For Motivated Entrepreneurs:  Our Endorsements:

For your internet presence and marketing needs:, Trenton Hance at

Chelisa Corey 480-298-2354

Tim Corey 612-799-6086

Chelisa and Tim are the “real deal” and will lead you to whatever level of success you are motivated to achieve.  We say, “go for it!”


Che and Tim


Thump Your Chest to Relax?!

May 24, 2015

A70ACE38-F025-4C7F-8807-5B243ADD7BBA “Joy!” Acrylic on canvas by Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

Invitation to share your wisdom:  What is your worst stressor, and how do you manage it?  Leave a reply at the bottom of this post to share your wisdom.

Thump Your Chest to Relax?

Discover Instant Tranquility with the Thymus Thump!

How do you feel when you look at this painting?

Would you like to feel like that within 30 seconds anytime you wish?  Well, you can!  Here’s how:

Find that little “V” in your neck, at the base of your throat, and tap just below it, directly on your skin, with four fingers of either hand.  Tap vigorously 33 times while you recall (or look at) the painting above (or any other image you love).

Result?  Instant tranquility!  Just that fast, a small gland, called the Thymus gland, releases a chemical that causes your body, mind, and spirit to create at least 10 relaxation responses, some of which you will actually feel!

Muscle tension, pain levels, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and feelings of stress and anxiety will all lower while feelings of peace and tranquility will increase.  Even your immunity will be strengthened!

Stuck in a meeting where you can’t thump your chest?  Put the tip of your tongue on that little web of skin behind your two front teeth where you burn your mouth with hot pizza sometimes.  You’ll get the same result!

It’s all very scientific and proven, too!  Dr. Diamond wrote a wonderful little book back in the 1970’s called “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”.  It’s all about the miraculous Thymus gland.  It’s a fascinating read.  Be sure to get it if you can find it.  Last time I checked, Amazon still had a few copies.

I’ve been doing the Thymus Thump intuitively since I was three, and it always works!  Make it part of your relaxation protocol!  You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for reading my blog today!



Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, Helping you On Your Way Since 1979!