Career Action!

Taking the Plunge

Are you longing to find your true calling?

Are you stuck in the job-search process?

Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Would you like to redefine your place in the world?

If it is time for you to take career action, I can help you take the mystery out of the entire process and make it a lot easier for you, too!  I  am a veteran career/life coach, over 40 years to date!  I have guided thousands into their best career and happiest lifestyle, and I can help you, too!

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Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

It all starts with a free assessment and a free initial telephone coaching session.  From that point on, you decide how quickly you want to proceed, and you pay as you go, $60 per 20-minute phone consultation.

Just complete the contact form below, and I will contact you for your free assessment and free initial phone consultation.



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Taking the Plunge


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