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One Magnificent Spoon!

June 22, 2017

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Now, have a look at my One Magnificent Spoon!

One Spoon

One day around lunch time, I was pawing through our silverware drawer looking for a spoon to stir the pot.  I could not find a single spoon!!!

Casting my eyes to heaven in total exasperation, I exclaimed aloud, “ONE SPOON?!  I want ONE SPOON!!!”.

Not five minutes later, my dear husband came inside from mowing the lawn.  He said, “Look what I just found in the back yard!”  He handed me the gigantic spoon you see here!  Perfect for stirring soup!  A magnificent spoon we had never seen before.  A spoon that still makes me smile every time I use it!

Why do I show-and-tell about this spoon?

It is all about the Law of Attraction. The best way to apply the Law of Attraction is to be specific about what you want.  Simply put, the Law of Attraction says you receive more of what you think about most.  I had a very clear, powerful image in my head about a soup-stirring spoon (as opposed to a teaspoon or a tablespoon), I shot out my request, and I received my spoon!  In record time!

If you want a lot of money (be careful….it isn’t always about the money!), be specific, and think big.  It may not come all at once, but if you think of your life as filled with great abundance that includes thousands of extra dollars a month, you consistently see yourself receiving thousands of extra dollars a month (instead of hundreds), AND you USE YOUR FAVORITE MONEY-MAKING SKILLS to help you get that money, then over time, you will get what you want!  Try it out, and watch it happen!

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