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You and the Intuitive Arts!

July 11, 2017

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Whether it is palm reading, astrology, numerology, tarot, tea leaves, dream interpretation, rune stones, angelic guidance, spirit contact and more, the intuitive arts can help YOU figure out your life and get more of what you want!

(The picture is an ice angel that attached herself to our house one winter.  You can see three spirit orbs in her head!  She is a beautiful miracle!  We like to think her essence remains even though she graced us only a short while with her visible presence before the sun took her back.  Double click on her to see her in detail with the three orbs clearly in view.)

Here is how the intuitive arts helped one of my clients who was struggling in a very dark place:

“Sheila, thank you for restoring my hope for the future.  Your guidance is so clear, direct, and do-able.  I no longer feel like I am wasted space on this planet and that I do have an important contribution to make.  You have changed my life.  I know exactly what to do next, too.  Sincerely, Mary M.”

There are at least 20 different ways YOU can benefit from an intuitive-arts reading!  Do you want to:

Know what your life purpose is

Define your best career

Understand your love relationships

Get answers about a puzzling relationship

Overcome difficult life challenges

Learn about your past lives

Meet your guides and angels

Experience spirit contact with departed loved ones

Have your palm read

Have a compatibility reading

Make an important decision

Compare job offers

Know the meaning of your numbers (numerology)

Have your tea leaves read

Find out your best colors

Learn to develop your psychic abilities

Learn to read palms

Become a psychic reader

Get your PSI-Q Quiz to learn how psychic you are

Anything else you can think of!

I invite you to contact me to request your free consultation on how I can be of service to you with the intuitive arts.


Remember:  You are stellar!

Soul Flight

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July 6, 2017