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Sonnets for the Lovelorn

May 13, 2019


Lovelorn: Bereft of love, lost love, heartache over love.

We have all experienced it. We have all learned to move past it, some more than others. It is a journey, sometimes a long one.

Here we have “Sonnets for the Lovelorn” to help you through this troubling passage and move on! Be sure to check out the treasure trove of guidance on this entire site (SheilaKnows.Com) when you are ready to move forward.  Just look to the right margin and click your choices! There IS vibrancy and so much more love waiting for you, believe me!  Connect with me on Facebook or contact me directly at 612-866-1269 central time.

Here is the very strange story of “Sonnets for the Lovelorn”:

My dear father was a poet at heart. He wrote rather melancholy poetry from a young age.  Much later in his life, for several years in a row, he would be awakened in the middle of the night and prodded by some unseen force to get out of bed and go write down lovelorn sonnets that would come into his head! He wrote about 100 of these, and then, that was the end of it! No more middle-of-the-night visits!

He shared these sonnets with me, and I suggested that we do a little volume of his poetry. He agreed, provided we would use the pseudonym Som Wahn!

Thus, “Sonnets of Love and Remembrance” by Som Wahn was born.

There is more to the story! It turns out that in the 1930’s and 1940’s, there was a poet by the name of Phillip Stack who wrote lovelorn sonnets for the Walter Winchell radio show. Phillip Stack was a very sad individual who, at the age of 48, took his life. He plunged to his death from the 12th story of his apartment building.

We believe it was his spirit who haunted my father all those years. This “Sonnets of Love and Remembrance” is dedicated to Phillip and to my dear father, who would still like to be called Som Wahn.

Here is the first post of a sonnet:


Is there some final tribute stored,
A culmination of poetic phrase,
A verse that’s full of treasured memory’s hoard,
Bright beauty of our very special days?
Oh, words are clumsy messengers, my dear,
To tell, dear one, the truth of what I feel,
And stumbling phrase, indeed, cannot make clear,
The essence of a love that deep and real!
So helpless is this poet who would say,
That you’re the one who launched a thousand dreams,
And through the years inspired thoughts each day,
That found their way into poetic themes.

I contemplate you with a gentle smile,
You are the one who made life’s trip worthwhile!


Septembers sun shone golden in the sky,
Reviving lovely memories of you.
You are not here and so my heart asks why?
Where are Septembers streams, the ones we knew? The leaves have turned to gold and Scarlet Hue.
A breath of autumn, skies are crystal clear.
Oh, what a lovely ghost now haunts me….you….
More than a quarter century, my dear!
I’ve not forgotten any beauteous thing. The thrill is still alive as yesterday.
My heart as light as bird upon the wing.
Exquisite, warm, and sweet, love had its way.

September brings life sweetest visions near, you’re loved forever in my memory, dear!
My dad and me, 1948 or so!