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Daily Law of Attraction!

April 4, 2009

SKV PiCSheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

Please visit my new web page “Daily Law of Attraction” at  (Use the alphabetical site map to click on Daily Law of Attraction.) There you will find 36 principles of the law of attraction and creative ways to use them daily in your life! Put these principles to use in your life and see what magic happens!

The GORGEOUS card deck Little Reminders: Law of Attraction by Zerner and Farber is available at starting at $4.42 – what a buy!

You Can Make a Difference!

April 3, 2009

People are helping people (and animals) like never before.

A social worker has started a support group for people seeking employment in a tight job market. They meet regularly in a church meeting room to share ideas and encouragement.

A community worker recently helped a 60-year-old mentally challenged man to get settled in a room-and-board situation after his mother died and he was suddenly alone in the world.

I am personally offering you a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation ($75 value) for sharing your story with others on this blog. Just make a blog entry describing what you did to help someone else, and then email me at to make arrangements for your complimentary consultation.   My website will give you an idea of the expertise and services I offer.

Ben Stein says, “If we do it ourselves, it’ll get done!” He is right! What can YOU do today to help someone else? Let us hear from you!