Energy Wellness!

Would you like to have more energy without having to swallow pills or drink coffee?  If so, you have landed on the right page!

Energy wellness is one of my passions!  As a licensed and ordained interfaith minister, a certified Energy-Welless Practitioner and holder of a Doctor of Divinity in Advanced Energy Medicine, I have devoted a substantial part of my life to researching energy wellness.

I can personally attest that energy-wellness techniques work, having worked through over 65 separate sources of pain following a devastating illness in 2002.  I did it all without the aid of any chemical medicine, too.  What you will learn on this page will be a natural adjunct to your own medical practitioners’ advice and in no way diagnoses or seeks to remedy any diagnosis.   Think of energy wellness as deliberate stress management.

Here is a recent testimonial from a private client:

“The pain in my head and ear is gone. So whatever you did in your energy-wellness practice with me worked, and I want to give you a review somewhere or give you some publicity, so do you have any ideas of where I can post something that would be beneficial to you for your business? A. P.  (Full testimonial coming soon.)

Here is a very simple technique to get you started with your own energy-wellness practice.  It is called the THYMUS THUMP.

Find the little “V” at the base of your throat and move down about 1/2 inch.  Using four fingers of either hand, tap vigorously on that spot 33 times.  When you do that, a substance gets released that calms you in several measurable ways and even strengthens your immunity!  It is all based on the book by Dr. Diamond, “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”, published in the 1970’s!  I have done the thymus thump ever since I was a toddler, and it has always worked.  It will work for you, too!  You will feel it instantly.

Here is something else for you to try on You Tube:  Frequency massage!  Go to You Tube and type in anything you want relief from, like a headache.  Then, add these words:  Frequency, binaural, Solfeggio, Scaler.  Get out the headphones, and take your choice!  You will experience frequencies that will bathe your entire being with very specific healing vibrations!  Some have the sounds of nature, others do not, but they all work!

My blog posts have many other fascinating energy-wellness techniques, too, so I invite you to scroll through the navigation panel to your right!


Perfect Silver Sheila with Clip   Rev. Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

I am trained and certified to do energy-wellness work both in person and from a distance.  I make no set charge, but I do accept love offerings in whatever amount you feel called to gift me for my time.  The gifts are God’s.  You can reach me by completing the contact form:


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