Thump Your Chest to Relax?!

May 24, 2015

flat,135x135,075,t  “Joy!” Acrylic on canvas by Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

Invitation to share your wisdom:  What is your worst stressor, and how do you manage it?  Leave a reply at the bottom of this post to share your wisdom.

Thump Your Chest to Relax?

Discover Instant Tranquility with the Thymus Thump!

How do you feel when you look at this painting?

Would you like to feel like that within 30 seconds anytime you wish?  Well, you can!  Here’s how:

Find that little “V” in your neck, at the base of your throat, and tap just below it, directly on your skin, with four fingers of either hand.  Tap vigorously 33 times while you recall (or look at) the painting above (or any other image you love).

Result?  Instant tranquility!  Just that fast, a small gland, called the Thymus gland, releases a chemical that causes your body, mind, and spirit to create at least 10 relaxation responses, some of which you will actually feel!

Muscle tension, pain levels, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and feelings of stress and anxiety will all lower while feelings of peace and tranquility will increase.  Even your immunity will be strengthened!

Stuck in a meeting where you can’t thump your chest?  Put the tip of your tongue on that little web of skin behind your two front teeth where you burn your mouth with hot pizza sometimes.  You’ll get the same result!

It’s all very scientific and proven, too!  Dr. Diamond wrote a wonderful little book back in the 1970’s called “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”.  It’s all about the miraculous Thymus gland.  It’s a fascinating read.  Be sure to get it if you can find it.  Last time I checked, Amazon still had a few copies.

I’ve been doing the Thymus Thump intuitively since I was three, and it always works!  Make it part of your relaxation protocol!  You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for reading my blog today!

 SKV PiCSheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, Helping you On Your Way Since 1979!

Discovery Art: Give Your Right Brain a Field Trip!

November 16, 2011

Your left brain is probably over worked, and your right brain is probably longing for exercise! Have a look at Gaia, and see what you can see!  Click twice on the image to enlarge it.


All my paintings have numerous hidden images in them – images that showed up as the paint dried, images that I did NOT deliberately paint in! Finding them is endless fun for people of all ages!  My work is in 20 countries and 19 United States as of 2015 helping uplift people of all circumstances and conditions.  Alzheimers patients are particularly responsive to my art!  If you would like to receive a complimentary packet of glossy, full color, large post cards, please contact me at achieve11@mac,com to make your request.  If you work with groups, I can send you more than one packet.  These are extraordinarily well received in memory-care facilities, for instance.

I invite you to http://www.DiscoveryArt.Info for more delightful paintings and comments by viewers of what they have found in each one.

Have fun!

Discovery Art: Give Your Right Brain a Field Trip!

November 16, 2011

Relieve the Pain at the Pump AND the Pain in Your Head!

April 22, 2011

VASTU FOR YOU:  Relieve the pain at the pump AND the pain in your head!

Two years ago, my husband and I placed a small, specially designed pyramid on the dashboard of our luxury car and increased our gas mileage 20%-25%, city driving, ever since.

How does this car pyramid work? It’s based on the art and science of Vastu. Vastu is similar to fung shui, but it also incorporates pyramid science, Reiki, numerology, geomancy, crstsals, and magnets.  Developed by a world-renowned bio-physicist, Vastu pyramid products are indeed the merging of science and spirituality, spanning centuries of ancient wisdom and the sophistication of 21st-century technology.  

Vastu car pyramids create a favorable energetic in your car that makes it run better!  They cost $48, work forever, no batteries or moving parts, and self mount onto your dashboard.  They are powered by their own energetics and your intention. 

Besides the increase in our gas mileage of 20-25% in the two years we have tested ours, two friends have experienced significant increases as well (7% for a rickety old car, and 15% for a car in fairly good shape!).  Even at 7% if you have a rickety car, 7% of your annual gas expenditure is still a tidy sum of money!  Plus, your car works better overall!

There are Vastu products to enhance your personal life, home, land holdings, pain, love relationships, prosperity, safety and security, and a hundred other things – even relief from migraine headaches!  There is a headache band that I have discovered also works for pain in the knees, elbows, arms, even the jaw.  It costs $14 and works forever!

The smartest moguls know about Vastu.  They incorporate these pyramid products into the foundations of their mansions, hotels, shopping centers, and casinos because they know the energetics of Vastu creates prosperity, safety, and well being.   Now YOU can do the same thing in your home, office and property.

There are 2 1/2 MILLION Vastu practitioners in India alone, and Vastu is rapidly gaining in popularity here in the United States as well.

Check it all out at  If you do not want to register as a visitor, just click on the word “pyramids” on the left link bar and explore a whole new world of life-changing products!  These products PERFORM!

I am so delighted to be a certified Vastu Consultant as well as a dealer for these pyramid products.  If I can help you Vastu your home, office, or property, or if I can help you choose products for your personal enhancement, please email me with your name and phone number, and I will call you:

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I welcome your stories about how you like your Vastu products.


Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

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Entrepreneur’s Checklist/Action Agenda

May 15, 2009

Assess Your Entrepreneurial Skills – New from Sheila!

As a 37-year business owner (1979!), I am a veteran entrepreneur.  I was running a home-based business before it was a popular thing to do.  I have created an assessment strategy so you can figure out if  YOU would do well as an entrepreneur.
You can take the assessment  just by visiting my website and clicking on the ENTREPRENEUR’S CHECKLIST located in the alphabetical site map.

When you have finished taking the assessment, you will know what areas of entrepreneurialism you are strong in, what areas you may want to strengthen, and what order to proceed in!

More and more people are becoming disenchanted with the cubicle career!  More and more people are beginning to wonder if they should go into business for themselves.  The Entrepreneur’s Checklist is a perfect way for you to find out if being an entrepreneur is for you!  I love to encourage entrepreneurialism, so I offer you a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation to new entrepreneurs.  Contact me via email to make arrangements for this call:

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD – Helping you on your way since 1979!  Landing Page:  http://www.SheilaConsults.Com


Daily Law of Attraction!

April 4, 2009

SKV PiCSheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

Please visit my new web page “Daily Law of Attraction” at  (Use the alphabetical site map to click on Daily Law of Attraction.) There you will find 36 principles of the law of attraction and creative ways to use them daily in your life! Put these principles to use in your life and see what magic happens!

The GORGEOUS card deck Little Reminders: Law of Attraction by Zerner and Farber is available at starting at $4.42 – what a buy!

You Can Make a Difference!

April 3, 2009

People are helping people (and animals) like never before.

A social worker has started a support group for people seeking employment in a tight job market. They meet regularly in a church meeting room to share ideas and encouragement.

A community worker recently helped a 60-year-old mentally challenged man to get settled in a room-and-board situation after his mother died and he was suddenly alone in the world.

I am personally offering you a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation ($75 value) for sharing your story with others on this blog. Just make a blog entry describing what you did to help someone else, and then email me at to make arrangements for your complimentary consultation.   My website will give you an idea of the expertise and services I offer.

Ben Stein says, “If we do it ourselves, it’ll get done!” He is right! What can YOU do today to help someone else? Let us hear from you!

The Pay-It-Forward Club!

November 23, 2008

To celebrate my 30 anniversary of business ownership (1979-2009!), I am starting a pay-it-forward service every Monday morning beginning January 5, 2009.  I will offer a free 15-minute to 30-minute telephone consultation to the first person from my “A” list to call me at 11:00 Central Standard Time.  This is a $40-$75 value!  To be included in my “A” list, just email me at and ask to be on it.  Then, visit to check out the more than 35 services I have to offer, pick a question you would like help for, and give me a call on Mondays at 11:00 CST.

All that is required of YOU is that you PAY IT FORWARD by doing something really nice for someone or something in your world, and then email me with what it is you paid forward so I can post it.

On you will find a link called “The Pay-It-Forward Club” where there are more details, and that is where I will post responses from participants.

Let’s get resourceful and help each other right now!

Find the Bearded Man! He Has a Special Message for YOU! What is it?

September 17, 2008
Find the Bearded Man in This Picture!

Find the Bearded Man in This Picture!

TRUE GHOSTS: 22 True Ghost Stories!

September 15, 2008

One of my favorite things to do is to find hidden faces in nature pictures.  The following link has a WONDERFUL bearded man looking out at you.  The FIRST thing you will see is a gorgeous butterfly and some amazing foliage, but look closer and find the Bearded Man.  He has a SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR YOU, and your own heart will tell you what it is!

The above image is from my latest book True Ghosts, available NOW at!  Just type True Ghosts Sheila Van Houten into the Amazon book search box, and you will find the book.  It has 22 true and amazing ghost stories PLUS over 30 full color photos by Master Photographer Louis Wendling.  ALL of the photos have hidden faces, too!  So far, we have counted about 115, but there are more!

Increase your natural intuition, sharpen your right-brain thinking, and try experiments after each chapter of this one-of-a-kind book!

Product Details

I’ll bring you more images from True Ghosts as time goes by!

Visit for more infirmation about the book and my services!

Sheila Van Houten, DD PhD