Pain Relief on You Tube!

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Pain Relief on You Tube!

Rainbow Cave

“On a Roll”, Abstract Acrylic, Sheila Van Houten

Here is a life changer for you! It will put you “on a roll”!

It seems everyone has a pain issue of one kind or another.  Now you can find pain relief for free right on You Tube!  I’ve been working with several frequency/vibration videos on You Tube for the past few days, and I have been able to reduce a severe pain issue from a 7 to a 4 (on a scale of 1-10).  For me, this is a miracle!  Want to try it out?

The one below will get you started.  There are thousands to choose from.  Got sciatica?  Nerve pain?  Migraine?  Dental pain?  Bursitis? There are specific videos for everything! 

Key search words are “binaural beats”, “isochronic tones”, “sol feggio scales”, “vibrational wellness”, and “energy wellness”.

Be sure to include the word pain, or any other topic you need.  There is an endless supply to adventure with out there on You Tube!  There are even several on reducing the number and size of your fat cells!  Yes!  Money and wealth?  Yes!  The possibilities are endless!

The field of physics tells us this:   It is a scientific fact that everything is vibration. When you choose the pain-relief videos, you’ll be getting the vibration of what pain free is like!  Your being absorbs that vibration.  That is about the simplest way I can describe how it works.

Free, easy, non-prescription, non-chemical, at your fingertips.  True energy wellness!

Explore and create your own energy wellness!

For more energy wellness, do visit my online art gallery:  EnergyWellness.Biz.  Discover the “art of wellness”!  You will feel great just browsing there because my art is “energy art”.

My paintings are in 20 countries and 20 states to date (2/14/2016) uplifting people of every imaginable circumstance.

The paintings on this blog are all mine.

Thank you for visiting “Succeed Now” today!

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Rev. Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

My Doctor of Divinity is in Advanced Energy Medicine.  My PhD is in Religion/Spiritual Counseling.  I am a licensed and ordained interfaith minister.




2 Responses to “Pain Relief on You Tube!”

  1. Jhonsan Says:

    You yt channel is good well waiting for the new videos


    • newlight777 Says:

      Thank you. Actually, it is not my channel, I merely posted a useful link. You can type in the key words “frequencies, binaural, isochronic”, and any other word such as “relaxation” and up will come an array of choices to select from. Happy exploring. You Tube is a wonderful resource!


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