Create Your Life/Career Road Map!

Do you feel like the figure in my painting, constantly struggling upstream and getting nowhere? 

Are you motivated to take the plunge and create new directions for yourself?

If you are motivated, then I have a gift for you to help you figure out what to do next!  I call it “Your Life/Career Road Map”.  It’s easy to create it, and when you are finished, you will know all the steps to take to get where you want to go, even if you don’t yet know where you want to go!

Sound impossible?  It isn’t!

I’ve helped thousands of motivated people find their way in an uncertain world since I started my own business in 1979, and I can help you, too!

Get in touch with me at CareerAction.Biz or MyMagicPalm.Com.

Just ask, and I will send you “Your Life/Career Road Map”.  It is totally free and includes the option of a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation with me about your life/career aspirations!

Highest regards,

Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

Riding Upstream

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