Manifesting Romance: Happily Ever Laughter!

SheilaKnows Happily Ever Laughter

After decades of helping thousands figure out their puzzling love relationships as an international dating consultant, I have partnered with Tonja Waring (renowned infommercial/marketing expert and QVC personality) to co-author our life-changing book, “Manifesting Romance:  Happily Ever Laughter!”.  We are getting consistent five-star reviews on Amazon, and here are some reasons why.  As a reader of our book:

You get in on some little-known secrets to attracting romance.

You get to relate to a real person and her search for love.


You get to read a well-written book that moves you, that you can relate to.

You get answers to some of life’s mysteries about love.

You get to discover some techniques for flirting.

You get to see how coaching can work in goal achievement.

We would so appreciate a review on Amazon after you have read our book!  Here is the link to it on Amazon:

Reading our book isn’t the end of the story, however!  There is personal coaching available to you (at a $60 USD/20-minute call) that will help you grow your romance once you have found your partner!  It’s all done by Sheila Van Houten personally, by phone and/or email, so it’s quick and easy!  Just email Sheila at to request a private booking.

Here is your invitation to share your wisdom:  What is the number-one frustration you have experienced in the romance department, and how have you resolved it?  You may leave your reply below.  We invite you to visit our website for additional testimonials and other information.

www.HappilyEverLaughter.Biz. This site is live, so if you get a message saying it is not available, please disregard and copy/paste into your browser!

Thank you for visiting Succeed Now today!

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