Your Silent Partner: Your Money!

 Mary Regnier, host of “Bridge Building with Mary Regnier” airing on, interviews Financial Mentor Kori Koepke, Millionaire-builder and Entrepreneur about how to create and build wealth.


Here’s your opportunity to meet Kori Koepke, millionaire builder! For the past 15 years, he has been building and leading huge sales teams both in the United States and internationally.


Kori is a highly successful entrepreneur and also has extensive corporate experience, including working as a field representative with Tony Robbins before becoming an independent entrepreneur. He is a family man with three small sons and an amazing wife, Jenn.


Kori has created 34 millionaires to date, and there’s room for you if your goal is to become one. Listen to this inspiring leader speak to you about your Silent Partner, Your MONEY.


Kori is a master trainer and coach and an inspiring motivational speaker. You will enjoy hearing him!


Please visit this link to listen: 





One Response to “Your Silent Partner: Your Money!”

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