You Can Succeed NOW!

Sheila Loves to Create Laughter Every Day!SKV PiCSheila Van Houten, DD, PhD – Helping you on your way since 1979!

You can succeed now! All you need is a little help from the right people!

Do you want to: Make a life decision, start a career, make a career change, make more money, be an entrepreneur, find a partner, manage your stress, find your spiritual path, identify your life purpose, start a business, break out of your boundaries, manage fear, communicate with others, anything else you can think of?

Now is the time, and here is the way:

http://www.SheilaConsults.Com  (Sheila’s landing page.  Her web presence is extensive, so this landing page is the place to start.)

Rev. Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, is a veteran lifestyle coach, an independent business owner, an international dating consultant, a published author, and an abstract artist whose work is currently in 20 countries and 19 United States helping uplift people of all circumstances and conditions.

Sheila was running a home-based business before it was even a popular idea (since 1979). Her mother ran a home-based business back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, so she was a real pioneer in the home-based business arena, and that’s probably where Sheila got her entrepreneurial spirit. She inherited her excellent communication skills from her father, a renowned public speaker and educator.

Today, Sheila coaches individuals and groups, and helps serious entrepreneurs get started on the road to time and money freedom. She is very happily married to Brian Van Houten (28 years June 6, 2015!). The Van Houtens are from Minnesota.

Let Sheila and her associates help you on your way!  Sheila offers you a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs.  You may contact her at to make arrangements for this call.

Thank you for visiting today!


3 Responses to “You Can Succeed NOW!”

  1. Bob Says:

    Thanks, Sheila! You’ve helped me a lot. I love your book!


  2. Jenn Says:

    Love it! Thaks a lot!


  3. Jenn Says:

    Thanks, Jenn, for your comment on my blog page! Sorry for the delay!! I have to get into the habit of checking this site!

    Hope you are well and thriving…….

    Blessings and love, skv


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